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Quality Assurance

We Raise the Bar. Our 5-Step
Quality Assurance & Control Testing Process

There is nothing more important than your health. Nutrico products help you stay healthy and perform better. However, before we can send our products to you, they must pass a rigorous 5-step quality system. We guarantee that every Nutrico product you receive is the highest quality in each and every dose.

Step 1


Product Development & Specifications

Nutrico’s Technical Services, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control groups must review and approve each raw material before it can go into our products.

The raw materials will comply with their intended regulatory environments, i.e., U.S. FDA or Health Canada (NHPD), etc.

QC must approve everything from the ingredient to the final package label before they can issue a Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Step 2


Raw Materials

The QA team conducts on-site GMP audits at vendor locations for our raw materials. Each ingredient is subject to full COA verification testing. We test five consecutive lots using critical parameters. The tests include:

  • ID testing - spectroscopy (FTNIR or FTIR) or chromatography (HPLC or TLC)
  • Strain identification (Probiotics) - DNA sequence technology
  • Assay potency
  • Various physical testing, i.e., particle size, moisture, etc., where applicable.
  • Pesticide Analysis
  • Residual Solvent Testing

For added assurance, all incoming raw materials go into quarantine and evaluated by Quality Control before use. Each batch receives a unique lot number.

Step 3


Testing While Processing

Our products must pass testing during processing as well. For example, we test the vegetable gel caps for average fill weights.

Depending on the product, other tests may include potency, moisture content and other factors that can affect quality and consistency.

QA keeps meticulous batch testing records.

Step 4


Finished Product Testing

Depending upon the type of the raw materials and the finished product, final testing may include chemical, physical, potency, and microbiological sampling.

Every product comes with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from the appropriate laboratory and the specifications of testing.

Step 1


Final Quality Review and Disposition

Just because the package is ready to ship, doesn’t mean it will. Quality Assurance performs a final review of all prior testing before they will allow it to send.

Our manufacturing facilities operate using current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP's) as required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and as outlined in the 21 CFR, Part 111, Requirements for Dietary Supplements. Nutrico’s Quality Control Laboratory operates under these same GMP principles and regulations. The testing protocols applied to all Raw Materials, In-Process Monitoring, and Finished Products are in line with the FDA and current industry guidelines.

These are five reasons you’ll never receive an inferior product from Nutrico because it will never make it out the door. That’s our commitment to you.